The long holidays are here, so are the gifts and trips and so should be THE GRIT; A relentless push to fashion the boys and girls to be great players. What is the meaning of football if the players are mediocre at best? What is the reason for lots of parties if you cannot burn the fat? Why did you have a child if you can't make it the best? Did you smirk? GRIT, it is.
10 weeks of sweat and discipline.
No breaks except for water! No stopping till We Stop
A single football skill each week
Friendly Matches are in order
The fun starts on the 21st of October

We are doing it just because we can. The boys and girls have shown great improvement. Our U5 and U7 are unstoppable cute little beasts, our U9 needs work, our U11 is actually better than U9 and U13 is still in a sorry state. That's why we want to take them through the grit.

While we work on their skills in the pitch, we will start strengthening their souls too. We will focus on emotional strength, cut on the lies, and cries in the pitch, neuter that fear, encourage teamwork, use of coded language, communication, and proper language, and lastly, self-control.

The rules don't change.

Coach Zabu will be keeping tabs on the progress of the whole camp. Watch out for his calls and quests.

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