An A-Class football academy. We inspire,nature and train young minds and talents to be stars in football. We believe in the spirit of making baby steps towards a predetermined goal. For that matter, we ensure that the budding dreams of our players are never extinguished. We push them through the flack to ensure they attain their beautiful dreams.

Chipuka is a registered sports academy by the Ministry of Sports in Kenya and operates in Nairobi. Our training grounds are in Karen, and South C areas.

We boast of having a great team of professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills to handle children as well as sports men, sharpen their skills and nurture potential sportsmen. Of course we keep on improving on our quality of work so our team makes a great effort in ensuring that it has the best to offer.

Our Mission

"To Nurture talents through knowledge, skills and impeccable services that empower individuals and communities"

Eligible ages for Chipuka Training
Open to boys and girls from 4 to 13 years.


Khalsa Schools

South C, Nairobi